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What is Semver?

By: Manoj in Trends Tutorials on 2023-04-11  

Semver stands for "Semantic Versioning" and it's a versioning system for software packages that uses a specific format to convey information about the changes in each version of the software.

The format consists of three numbers separated by dots: major.minor.patch. Each of these numbers has a specific meaning:

  • Major version: This is incremented when there are significant changes that are not backwards compatible with previous versions, such as major new features or breaking changes to the API.
  • Minor version: This is incremented when new features are added in a backwards-compatible manner, such as adding new API methods or adding optional parameters to existing methods.
  • Patch version: This is incremented when bug fixes or other small changes are made that don't affect the API.

By following this versioning system, developers can communicate clearly what changes are included in each new version, and users of the software can make informed decisions about when to upgrade based on the significance of the changes.

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