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What is Struts? Which Version of Struts to use?

  • 2006-12-12
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  • Vilyams
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Apache Struts is a free open-source framework for creating Java web applications. Web applications differ from conventional websites in that web applications can create a dynamic response. Many websites deliver only static pages. A web application can interact with databases and business logic engines to customize a response.
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Model 1 Architecture

  • 2007-09-13
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  • Abinaya
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Model 1 architecture is the easiest way of developing JSP based web applications. It cannot get any easier. In Model 1, the browser directly accesses JSP pages. In other words, user requests are handled directly by the JSP
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MVC Architecture (Model 2 Architecture)

  • 2007-09-13
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  • Baski
  • 609

The Model 2 architecture for designing JSP pages is in reality, Model View Controller (MVC) applied to web applications. Hence the two terms can be used interchangeably in the web world. MVC originated in SmallTalk and has since made its way into Java community. Model 2 architecure and its derivatives are the cornerstones for all serious and industrial strength web applications designed
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MVC with configurable controller

  • 2007-09-13
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  • Charles
  • 608

When application gets large you cannot stick to bare bone MVC. You have to extend it somehow to deal with these complexities. One mechanism of extending MVC that has found widespread adoption is based on a configurable controller Servlet. The MVC with configurable controller servlet is shown in Figure below.
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Introduction to Struts Architecture

  • 2007-09-13
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  • Daniel Malcolm
  • 608

This tutorial looks closely at the Struts terminology for controller servlet and Handler objects that we mentioned and understand Figure below. Since this is your first look at Struts, we will not get into every detail of the HTTP request handling lifecycle in Struts framework. For now, let us concentrate on the basics.
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Writing the first Struts application

  • 2007-09-22
  • Comments
  • Norman Chap
  • 608

Let's start with developing your first Struts application. Here are the steps involved in creating the Struts application.
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7 Best Practices of Struts

  • 2008-08-13
  • Comments
  • Emiley J.
  • 608

This tutorial lists 7 Best practices of Struts.
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