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DKVM-8E Console Password (DLink KVM Switch)

By: Saik Chye in Trends Tutorials on 2011-11-24  

This morning I received an SMS alert that the 'Power Supply and UPS is down'. I rushed back to the data center. We have around 50 racks of servers and equipments in our datacenter. This has never happened in the last 10 years. After the UPS vendors fixed the issue, we still have to turn on some of the servers and switches manually.

Here's when we had an unique problem. One of the rack which was using DKVM-8E switch was not working. The monitor just showed a screen to enter the 'Console password'. No one had an idea of this password.

Luckily, we found some documents where it was mentioned the default password is '00000000'. Yes eight zeroes. After really trying so many passwords for over an hour finally the eight zeroes worked.

I am posting this so that in future if anyone came across this issue can save some time.

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