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What is a chromebook?

By: Emiley J in Trends Tutorials on 2012-03-16  

Chromebooks are laptops that run Google's Chrome OS. The major difference of a chromebook is that it is managed centrally on the cloud. Which means when you bootup you login with your google account and immediately all the apps are available to you including google apps and thousands of other web apps available in chrome store. You dont ever need a CD to install apps. Just browse the apps just like you will do on an android or iphone. Then install it with a click of a button.

google is charging both on a monthly basis Eg($30/month) for enterprises and $20/month for educational instituitions. It can also be bought upfront for prices that range from $499 onwards. Different brands such as Samsung, Acer etc, are available.

The following are the features of a Chromebook:

1. Speed

The bootingup is really fast. In fact it is around 8 seconds to bootup. They also use prerendering technology that makes applications such as search showup results almost instantly. The OS also gets updated automatically.

2. Security

Chromebooks use technologies such as sandboxing, data encryption and verified boot to make the chromebooks very secure. You can also use multiple logins to share laptops securely with friends. It also protects from viruses and malware without the need to install antivirus or other applications.

3. Connectivity

It has built-in Wifi and 3G which enables you to carry the chromebook at home,office or anywhere outside without disconnecting to the internet. However you will have to insert a SIM card to use 3G. The battery life has increased as well as compared to normal notebooks as some of the processing is done on the cloud.

4. Webapps

Each chromebook runs thousands of webapps from the chromestore. Without the need for a CD to install you just browse the appstore and install them with a click of a button.

You can get more details of chromebook from here.

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