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By: ali mohammed - why we use the java in ne
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There are a number of features in Java that have no equivalent in C++. Perhaps the three most important are multithreading, packages, and interfaces, but there are several others that enrich the Java programming environment as well.
  • Multithreading allows two or more pieces of the same program to
    execute concurrently. Further, this approach to concurrence is supported at the
    language level. There is no parallel for this in C++. If you need to multithread a C++
    program, you will need to do so manually, using operating system functions. While
    both methods allow for concurrent execution of two or more threads, Java's approach
    is cleaner and easier to use.
  • There is no feature in C++ that directly corresponds to a Java package. The closest
    similarity is a set of library functions that use a common header file. However,
    constructing and using a library in C++ is completely different from constructing and
    using a package in Java.
  • The Java interface is somewhat similar to a C++ abstract class. (An abstract class in
    C++ is a class that contains at least one pure virtual function.) For example, it is
    impossible to create an instance of a C++ abstract class or a Java interface. Both are
    used to specify a consistent interface that subclasses will implement. The main
    difference is that an interface more cleanly represents this concept.
  • Java has a streamlined approach to memory allocation. Like C++, it supports the new
    keyword. However, it does not have delete. Instead, when the last reference to an
    object is destroyed, the object, itself, is automatically deleted the next time that
    garbage collection occurs.
  • Java "removes" the C++ standard library, replacing it with its own set of API classes.
    While there is substantial functional similarity, there are significant differences in the
    names and parameters. Also, since all of the Java API library is object-oriented, and
    only a portion of the C++ library is, there will be differences in the way library routines
    are invoked.
  • The break and continue statements have been enhanced in Java to accept labels as
  • The char type in Java declares 16-bit-wide Unicode characters. This makes them
    similar to C++'s wchar_t type. The use of Unicode helps ensure portability.
  • Java adds the >>> operator, which performs an unsigned right shift.
  • In addition to supporting single-line and multiline comments, Java adds a third
    comment form: the documentation comment. Documentation comments begin with a
    /** and end with a */.
  • Java contains a built-in string type called String. String is somewhat similar to the
    standard string class type provided by C++. Of course, in C++ string is only available if
    you include its class declarations in your program. It is not a built-in type.

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