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What is JSP?

  • 2007-01-06
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  • Emiley J.
  • 153408

Java Server Pages (JSP) are an afterbirth of Java Servlets. When Java Servlets were introduced it opened many avenues to a Java programmer. Java became a full fledged application server programming language. Though Java Servlets were great, it posed one great problem. 
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Getting Started with JSP

  • 2007-01-06
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  • Emiley J.
  • 153397

It is easy to find tutorials and articles on JSP on the web. But most of them take it for granted that you already have the environment for developing JSPs. So it is quite common for a beginner to get confused about the various tools, APIs, or servers that are required to get started with programming in JSP. If you are one of those poor guys then you have reached the right page. For the rest of you who have already setup the environment for JSP programming already, just skip this page.
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Writing your first JSP page

  • 2008-11-23
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  • Bruce W. Perry
  • 153763

A JavaServer Pages (JSP) component is a type of Java servlet that is designed to fulfill the role of a user interface for a Java web application. Web developers write JSPs as text files that combine HTML or XHTML code, XML elements, and embedded JSP actions and commands. JSPs were originally designed around the model of embedded server-side scripting tools such as Microsoft Corporation's ASP technology; however, JSPs have evolved to focus on XML elements, including custom-designed elements, or custom tags, as the principal method of generating dynamic web content.
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Syntax For JSP Declaratives

  • 2007-02-12
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  • aathishankaran
  • 153135

While programming in jsp we have to know about the declaratives of jsp. Here the declaratives is explained for jsp files. For the beginners they should know how to declare the variables in jsp program. In this article its explained
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The Advantages of JSP

  • 2007-02-14
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  • aathishankaran
  • 153899

JSP has a number of advantages over many of its alternatives. Here are a few of them.
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Form processing in JSP

  • 2007-02-13
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  • aathishankaran
  • 153135

Forms are a very common method of interactions in web sites. JSP makes forms processing especially easy.
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Sessions in JSP

  • 2007-02-13
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  • aathishankaran
  • 153326

In this article we will see about sessions in JSP. On a typical web site, a visitor might visit several pages and perform several interactions. If you are programming the site, it is very helpful to be able to associate some data with each visitor. For this purpose, "session"s can be used in JSP.
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Cookies using JSP or Java Bean

  • 2006-12-11
  • Comments
  • Rajan
  • 153135

This Sample Java Program shows how to check whether a cookie by the specified
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Comparison operators in JSP

  • 2007-09-23
  • Comments
  • Grenfel
  • 157073

A useful feature of the EL is the ability to perform comparisons, either between numbers or objects. This feature is used primarily for the values of custom tag attributes, but can equally be used to write out the result of a comparison (true or false) to the JSP page. The EL provides the following comparison operators:
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JSP Example to connect to MS SQL database and retrieve records

  • 2007-10-12
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  • Abinaya
  • 208672

This is a simple JSP program to connect to MSSQL database. This example JSP program shows how to connect to a MSSQL database from your JSP program.
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