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History of Java

  • 2007-12-06
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  • Emiley J.
  • 154296

It is always a good practice to know a little bit of history and background of any technology before starting to actually use it. In fact Java has nothing to do with the 'Island Java' in Indonesia. It all started at Sun Microsystems when they were developing an application for the 'set-top box'.
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What is Java?

  • 2007-12-06
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  • Emiley J.
  • 246020

A search on 'What is Java' in google returns roughly about a billipon pages. That is the popularity of Java on the web. If you haven't read the history of Java please read it first here. Java was just meant to be a portable, platform independent programming language. But over the years it has transformed into a complex platform for computing portable software across different devices and systems.
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What Java Has Removed from C++

  • 2007-09-15
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  • Tamil Selvan
  • 153337

There are a number of C++ features that Java does not support. In some cases, a specific C++ feature simply didn't relate to the Java environment. In other cases, the designers of Java eliminated some of the duplication of features that exists in C++. In still other instances, a feature of C++ is not supported by Java because it was deemed too dangerous for Internet applets.
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New Features Added by Java

  • 2007-09-15
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  • Abinaya
  • 153250

There are a number of features in Java that have no equivalent in C++. Perhaps the three most important are multithreading, packages, and interfaces, but there are several others that enrich the Java programming environment as well.
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Getting Started with Java

  • 2007-12-06
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  • Emiley J.
  • 153307

If you are familiar with C then Java should be very familiar to you in terms of syntax. If you are a C++ programmer the Java will be easier still since Java is also purely an Object Oriented Programming without some of the features like Pointers in C++.
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How Java is Organized?

  • 2007-12-06
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  • Emiley J.
  • 153279

Java has changed tremendously and included more features over the years. The first basic version of Java comprised of just six packages. A package is a collection of Java classes. Sun grouped six different packages with classes doing specific jobs. For example the '' package consists of all classes that do input output such as reading files, writing to files etc. where as the '' package consists of classes that do networking such as making a HTTP connection etc..
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Converting Pointer Parameters in C++ to Java

  • 2007-09-15
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  • Baski
  • 153308

For the most part, it is quite easy to convert a C++ function that uses pointer parameters into its equivalent Java method. Since Java passes all objects by reference, sometimes the conversion simply requires the removal of C++'s pointer operators. For example, consider this C++ program that reverses the signs of a Coord object, which stores a pair of Cartesian coordinates. The function reverseSign( ) is passed a pointer to the Coord object that will be reversed. As you can see, C++'s *, &, and -> pointer operators are used to perform the operation.
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Aspects of Internationalization in Java

  • 2007-09-17
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  • Grenfel
  • 153255

Internationalization involves many aspects of application development. Practically speaking, the primary goal behind all of these facets of development is to engineer a user interface -and its supporting infrastructure - that presents all UI information in a comprehensible way to local users. At a minimum, this effort involves supporting the following aspects of an application's execution:
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