How to use regionMatches( ) in Java

By: Mashoud  

The regionMatches( ) method compares a specific region inside a string with another specific region in another string. There is an overloaded form that allows you to ignore case in such comparisons. Here are the general forms for these two methods:

boolean regionMatches(int startIndex, String str2,
int str2StartIndex, int numChars)
boolean regionMatches(boolean ignoreCase,
int startIndex, String str2,
int str2StartIndex, int numChars)

For both versions, startIndex specifies the index at which the region begins within the invoking String object. The String being compared is specified by str2. The index at which the comparison will start within str2 is specified by str2StartIndex. The length of the substring being compared is passed in numChars. In the second version, if ignoreCase is true, the case of the characters is ignored. Otherwise, case is significant.

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1. Please give me a example of regionMatches().
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