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startsWith() and endsWith() in Java

By: Mashoud in Java Tutorials on 2007-09-02  

String defines two routines that are, more or less, specialized forms of regionMatches(). The startsWith() method determines whether a given String begins with a specified string. Conversely, endsWith() determines whether the String in question ends with a specified string. They have the following general forms:

boolean startsWith(String str)
boolean endsWith(String str)

Here, str is the String being tested. If the string matches, true is returned. Otherwise, false is returned. For example,



"Foobar".startsWith("Foo") are both true.

A second form of startsWith(), shown here, lets you specify a starting point:

boolean startsWith(String str, int startIndex)

Here, startIndex specifies the index into the invoking string at which point the search will begin. For example,

"Foobar".startsWith("bar", 3) returns true.

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