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The Twist and Yoga Ultrabooks

By: Ashley J in Reviews Tutorials on 2013-03-26  

The two new multi-touch Ultrabooks from Lenovo can function either as a tablet or a notebook. They are Twist and Yoga Ultrabooks. In this review we compare and look at some of the features of these two notebooks.

The twist is more suitable for business users while the Yoga suits the consumer . market. The following are the features.

Twist Ultrabook
Twist Ultrabook

Yoga Ultrabook
Yoga Ultrabook

  • Both these ultrabooks are powered by i5/i7 Intel's third generation processors.
  • The hard disks can be either the traditional spinning ones or SSDs(Solid State Devices)
  • They have a better-designed trackpad and a more durable screen which can be twisted
  • The hinged flip to transform the ultrabook into a tablet looks a little fragile but needs to be tested
  • Both runs on Windows 8, which is touch enabled and hence all the menus and apps are touch driven
  • The price ranges from $1400

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