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Samsung Galaxy S4

By: Ashley J in Reviews Tutorials on 2013-03-15  

The long awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 has been finally launched. JK Shin, the President and head of IT and Mobile communication division, introduced Samsung's Galaxy S4 in New York on Thursday 14th March 2013. Here is a review of the features in Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Most obviously it has a bigger screen than SII and S3 which proves that consumers prefer larger screens. In the US all major telcos will sell this phone while the rest of the world may have to wait a few weeks before it is launched locally. Some of the major features in S4 are listed below.

  • S4 can start and stop videos depending on whether someone is looking at the screen or not. Cool. So while you are watching a video and happen to glance away the video will automatically pause and then resume when you look back at the screen again.
  • Flip between songs and photos at the wave of a hand.This is especially good when you are driving to change songs by waving your hand.
  • S4 sports a bigger 5-inch display. But the new display will cover more of the phone's surface area, therefore the device itself will be the same length as S3 and slightly narrower, thinner and lighter. :)
  • If the phone senses someone is looking at the screen, the user can tilt it forward or backwards to scroll up and down a web page.
  • S4 lets the user move the hands left or right to scroll between different websites that they have opened.
  • You can also hover a finger over an email inbox or a photo gallery to get more details about the selected item.
  • You can also take a picture of a business card and add it to the phone's contacts and even call a number from the business card itself.
  • An instant translation feature between 10 different languages is possible for certain applications.
  • S4 has 13 Megapixel camera which is 5 megapixel more than S3.

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