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By: Ramlak in Tutorials on 2008-11-25  

While loops keep looping while the condition they test remains true, so you use a While loop if you have a condition that will become false when you want to stop looping. Here's the While loop's syntax (note that you used to end this loop with Wend in VB6 and before-that's changed to End While now):

While condition
End While

And here's an example putting While to work:

Sub CheckWhile()
   Dim intCounter As Integer = 0
   Dim intNumber As Integer = 10
   While intNumber > 6
      intNumber -= 1
      intCounter += 1
   End While
   MsgBox("The loop ran " & intCounter & " times.")
End Sub

And here's what you see when you run this code:

The loop ran 4 times.
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Many Visual Basic functions, like EOF-which is true when you've reached the end of a file while reading from it-are explicitly constructed to return values of True or False so that you can use them to control loops such as Do and While loops.

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