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"Using If with And" and Comparing two integers using If

By: Issac in Tutorials on 2008-11-08  

Using If with And

For this lets take an example

Imports System
Public Class Test
Shared Sub Main()
Dim Currenttime As System.DateTime
Dim Hour As Integer
Currenttime = Currenttime .Now()
Hour = Currenttime .Hour
If (Hour < 12) Then
Console.Writeline("Good Morning!")
ElseIf (Hour >= 12) And (Hour < 18) Then
Console.WriteLine("Good Afternoon!")
Console.WriteLine("Good Evening!")
End If
End Sub
End Class

The Currenttime is a variable which holds the current system time( takes up the current system time and moves it to Currenttime) and Hour variable holds the current system hour i.e if the time is 12:30 it holds the value 12

Now to the If condition,

If (Hour < 12) Then, checks whether the current system hr is less than 12 if so it will print Good Morning!
ElseIf (Hour >= 12) And (Hour < 18) Then, checks the system hour is equal to or greater than 12 and is less than 18 if it is so it will print Good Afternoon

If both the conditions are not satisfied it will print Good Evening

Using If statement is very easy in and can be utilized for even complex condition checking with AND and OR operators along side it

Comparing two integers using If

Option Strict On
Imports System
Module Module1
Sub Main()
Dim a As Integer = 10
Dim b As Integer = 20
Dim c As Integer = 30
If a > b Then
Console.WriteLine("a: {0} larger than b: {1}", a, b)
End If
If c > b Then
Console.WriteLine("c: {0} larger than b: {1}",c, b)
End If
If b > 15 Then
Console.WriteLine("Yes it is")
End If
End Sub 'Main
End Module

In this example, we get 3 integers as a, b, c with values 10, 20, 30 and compare between and print them. Thus If operator in is very simple and easy to use but has good returns.

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