Question: Difference between forward and sendRedirect in JSP?

By: Guru Singh  

Question: Difference between forward and sendRedirect?

Answer: When you invoke a forward request, the request is sent to another resource on the server, without the client being informed that a different resource is going to process the request. This process occurs completely with in the web container. When a sendRedirtect method is invoked, it causes the web container to return to the browser indicating that a new URL should be requested. Because the browser issues a completely new request any object that are stored as request attributes before the redirect occurs will be lost. This extra round trip a redirect is slower than forward.





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1. Hi Sarma, One example is redirecting to new domain from old domain. Also forward is server side whil
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2. what is pass by value or pass by reference ?
View Tutorial          By: vidhya at 2012-03-23 06:00:35

3. simple but accurate
View Tutorial          By: Githin Zacharia at 2011-08-10 06:08:32

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