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What is the difference between jsp:include page and @ include file?

By: Karthik in Interview Tutorials on 2012-06-16  

Question: What is the difference between

<jsp:include page = ... >


<%@ include file = ... >

Answer: Both the tag includes the information from one page in another. The differences are as follows:

<jsp:include page = ... >

This is like a function call from one jsp to another jsp. It is executed ( the included page is executed  and the generated html content is included in the content of calling jsp) each time the client page is accessed by the client. This approach is useful to for modularizing the web application. If the included file changed then the new content will be included in the output.

<%@ include file = ... >

In this case the content of the included file is textually embedded in the page that have <%@ include file=".."> directive. In this case in the included file changes, the changed content will not included in the output. This approach is used when the code from one jsp file required to include in multiple jsp files.

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