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What is difference between Java Bean and Enterprise Java Bean?

By: Karthik in Interview Tutorials on 2012-06-16  

Answer: Java Bean as is a plain java class with member variables and getter setter methods. Java Beans are defined under JavaBeans specification as Java-Based software component model which includes the features like introspection, customization, events, properties and persistence.

Enterprise JavaBeans or EJBs for short are Java-based software components that comply with Java's EJB specification. EJBs are delpoyed on the EJB container and executes in the EJB container. EJB is not that simple, it is used for building distributed applications. Examples of EJB are Session Bean, Entity Bean and Message Driven Bean. EJB is used for server side programming whereas java bean is a client side. Bean is only development but the EJB is developed and then deploy on EJB Container.

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