Transient vs Volatile modifiers in Java

By: Reema sen  

Java defines two interesting type modifiers: transient and volatile. These modifiers are used to handle somewhat specialized situations.

When an instance variable is declared as transient, then its value need not persist when an object is stored. For example:

class T {
transient int a; // will not persist
int b; // will persist

Here, if an object of type T is written to a persistent storage area, the contents of a would not be saved, but the contents of b would. The volatile modifier tells the compiler that the variable modified by volatile can be changed unexpectedly by other parts of your program. One of these situations involves multithreaded programs.  In a multithreaded program, sometimes, two or more threads share the same instance variable. For efficiency considerations, each thread can keep its own, private copy of such a shared variable. The real (or master) copy of the variable is updated at various times, such as when a synchronized method is entered. While this approach works fine, it may be inefficient at times. In some cases, all that really matters is that the master copy of a variable always reflects its current state. To ensure this, simply specify the variable as volatile, which tells the compiler that it must always use the master copy of a volatile variable (or, at least, always keep any private copies up to date with the master copy, and vice versa). Also, accesses to the master variable must be executed in the precise order in which they are executed on any private copy.

Note: volatile in Java has, more or less, the same meaning that it has in C/C++.

This is an extract from the book 'Java Complete Reference'. For more details please refer to the book

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1. Tomorrow is my java's exam...ANd this is definitely gonna help ...Thank you so much sir :)
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2. Updated example to better show Thread T2 showing the latest updated value in variable 'testValue'.
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It would have been better if you have used your brain to post such an example bec

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5. I think 19 floor's code doesn't fix the problem.Although the result is what we want to see.But assum
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7. Copy and pasted from Java:The Complete Reference. Although nice selection
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8. This is not your explanation. This is from the book, the complete reference to java. Can you yoursel
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11. There was no sharing of volatile variable in the program. It just used the volatile instance variabl
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12. Transient: The transient modifier applies to variables only and it is not stored as part of its obje
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13. i thnk exampleThread example is wrong - like billgates says.
the TestValue instance variable

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14. Hi there, I fixed the above (non-working) example:

package com.src.volatileExample;<

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15. Thanks Mohit ..... Clear Explanation abt Transient.
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16. Nice artielce , by the way just to add from my experience I think we should make a variable volatile
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17. Real Life example of using Volatile

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18. What is transient keyword in Java?

What is Serilization?

If you want t

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19. Very good explaination of transient and volatile. Aayush reveals some important facts of volatile va
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20. Can some body throw more light on TRANSIENT ....
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21. Hi ,learn a new thing about These Transient and Volatile Modifiers .
Thanks to all of you.

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22. HI your explanation is absolutely correct but I am sure that it's copied from Complete reference Jav
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24. The example is wrong, because there are two seperate instances of ExampleThread, so the testValue is
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26. This is an excerpt from Java Complete Reference.Just copy and paste technology
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27. Your explanation is good but, it will be better if you can try explain with some real java program
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28. If you are working with the multi-threaded programming, the volatile keyword will be more useful. Wh
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29. You should consider using different threads that are not instantiated from the same class, but diffe
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30. If you are working with the multi-threaded programming, the volatile keyword will be more useful. Wh
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31. Hello,

A volatile variable does not have a copy maintained in the local memory of the

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32. Your complete answer is taken from Herbert Schildt's Complete Reference book. Next time try to impro
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