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Components of program

By: aathishankaran in Java Tutorials on 2007-02-01  

Components of program

The components of a program are:

Comment entry: An entry following the symbols
It indicates a comment entry, and is used to specify a comment. It increases readability and clarity of a program for documentation purposes.

Program name: PROGRAM_ONE indicates name of the program.

Delimiters: { and } indicate beginning and end markers of the program. It is also required for statement blocks (set pf sentences which are closely related and form part of a construct).

Sentences: Each line of a program is a sentence.

Sentence terminator: Each sentence is to be terminated with a ; (semi-colon ) which is called the sentence terminator.

Keywords: Sentences can contain certain words, which are used for specific purposes. These words are called keywords/ for example, to show a message, the keyword is display. Keywords appearing in all the examples in this courseware are in lowercase and have been italicized.

The program sequence displays a name:

display 'My name is:';
display 'aathishankaran';

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