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Explain the new Features of JDBC 2.0 Core API?

By: Karthik in Interview Tutorials on 2012-06-16  

Answer: The JDBC 2.0 API includes the complete JDBC API, which includes both core and Optional Package API, and provides inductrial-strength database computing capabilities.

New Features in JDBC 2.0 Core API:

	Scrollable result sets- using new methods in the ResultSet interface allows programmatically move the to particular row or to a position relative to its current position 
	JDBC 2.0 Core API provides the Batch Updates functionality to the java applications. 
	Java applications can now use the ResultSet.updateXXX methods. 
	New data types - interfaces mapping the SQL3 data types 
	Custom  mapping of user-defined types (UTDs) 
	Miscellaneous features, including performance hints, the use of character streams, full precision for java.math.BigDecimal values, additional security, and support for time zones in date, time, and timestamp values

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