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Get the first and last day of the month in PHP

By: Binu v Pillai in PHP Tutorials on 2011-08-12  

Another useful function to find the first and last day of the month from the given date in PHP.


function findFirstAndLastDay($anyDate)
    //$anyDate           =    '2009-08-25';    // date format should be yyyy-mm-dd
    list($yr,$mn,$dt)    =    split('-',$anyDate);    // separate year, month and date
    $timeStamp           =    mktime(0,0,0,$mn,1,$yr);    //Create time stamp of the first day from the give date.
    $firstDay            =     date('D',$timeStamp);    //get first day of the given month
    list($y,$m,$t)       =     split('-',date('Y-m-t',$timeStamp)); //Find the last date of the month and separating it
    $lastDayTimeStamp    =    mktime(0,0,0,$m,$t,$y);//create time stamp of the last date of the give month
    $lastDay             =    date('D',$lastDayTimeStamp);// Find last day of the month
    $arrDay              =    array("$firstDay","$lastDay"); // return the result in an array format.
    return $arrDay;

print $dayArray[0];
print $dayArray[1];
eric dot schultz at NOSPAM dot CyVon dot com 17-Dec-2008 02:33
Here is another gmgetdate that is a little faster/suscint (no loops). 

function gmgetdate2($ts = null){ 
        $k = array('seconds','minutes','hours','mday', 

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