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Get the next working day in PHP

By: Moshe in PHP Tutorials on 2011-08-12  

Here is an useful code snippet that calculates the next working day in the US. This takes into account the US Federal holiday as well.

function getNextWorkDayTime($date=null) 
    $time = is_string($date) ? strtotime($date) : (is_int($date) ? $date : time()); 
    $y = date('Y', $time); 
    // calculate federal holidays 
    $holidays = array(); 
    // month/day (jan 1st). iteration/wday/month (3rd monday in january) 
    $hdata = array('1/1'/*newyr*/, '7/4'/*jul4*/, '11/11'/*vet*/, '12/25'/*xmas*/, '3/1/1'/*mlk*/, '3/1/2'/*pres*/, '5/1/5'/*memo*/, '1/1/9'/*labor*/, '2/1/10'/*col*/, '4/4/11'/*thanks*/); 
    foreach ($hdata as $h1) { 
        $h = explode('/', $h1); 
        if (sizeof($h)==2) { // by date 
            $htime = mktime(0, 0, 0, $h[0], $h[1], $y); // time of holiday 
            $w = date('w', $htime); // get weekday of holiday 
            $htime += $w==0 ? 86400 : ($w==6 ? -86400 : 0); // if weekend, adjust 
        } else { // by weekday 
            $htime = mktime(0, 0, 0, $h[2], 1, $y); // get 1st day of month 
            $w = date('w', $htime); // weekday of first day of month 
            $d = 1+($h[1]-$w+7)%7; // get to the 1st weekday 
            for ($t=$htime, $i=1; $i<=$h[0]; $i++, $d+=7) { // iterate to nth weekday 
                 $t = mktime(0, 0, 0, $h[2], $d, $y); // get next weekday 
                 if (date('n', $t)>$h[2]) break; // check that it's still in the same month 
                 $htime = $t; // valid 
        $holidays[] = $htime; // save the holiday 
    for ($i=0; $i<5; $i++, $time+=86400) { // 5 days should be enough to get to workday 
        if (in_array(date('w', $time), array(0, 6))) continue; // skip weekends 
        foreach ($holidays as $h) { // iterate through holidays 
            if ($time>=$h && $time<$h+86400) continue 2; // skip holidays 
        break; // found the workday 
    return $time; 

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