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PHP convert string to lower case

By: Manoj in PHP Tutorials on 2023-03-22  

In PHP, you can convert a string to lowercase using the strtolower() function. Here is an example:

$str = "HELLO WORLD"; 
$str_lower = strtolower($str);
echo $str_lower; // Output: hello world

In the example above, we first define a string $str in uppercase. We then use the strtolower() function to convert it to lowercase and store the result in a new variable $str_lower. Finally, we output the lowercase string using the echo statement.

Note that strtolower() function returns a new string in lowercase and doesn't modify the original string. If you want to modify the original string, you can assign the result of strtolower() back to the original variable:

$str = "HELLO WORLD"; 
$str = strtolower($str);
echo $str; // Output: hello world

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