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Insert, Delete, Search, Print an int Array in Java

By: Grant Braught in Java Tutorials on 2011-01-27  

This sample Java program demonstrates the use of Array. In this case an int Array to be able to insert or delete an element at a specific index. To be able to search or print the array.
public class IntArrayOperations {

    public static int arrayMaximum(int[] a) {

	// maxIndex is the index of the largest
	// value seen so far.  Thus, a[maxIndex] is
	// the largest value seen so far.
	int maxIndex = 0;

	// Check every value, always keeping track of
	// the index of the largest value seen so far.
	for (int i=1; i a[maxIndex]) {
		maxIndex = i;

	return maxIndex;

    public static int arrayMinimum(int[] a) {
	int minIndex = 0;

	for (int i=1; iindex; i--) {
	    a[i] = a[i-1];

	// Put the value in its spot.
	a[index] = value;

    public static void arrayDelete(int[] a, int index) {
	// Move all values that appear at an index i that
	// is greater then index down by one index.  This
	// will overwrite the element at index and leave 
	// the last element empty.
	for (int i=index+1; i                                        

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