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Rules for Naming variable names in Linux Shell Script

By: Vivek G. in Linux Tutorials on 2011-01-09  

Here are some general rules for naming variable names in Linux shell scripts:

  1. Variable names should start with a letter or an underscore character (_).

  2. Variable names should only contain letters, numbers, or underscores. Avoid using special characters such as spaces or punctuation marks.

  3. Variable names are case-sensitive, so "myvar" and "MyVar" are two different variables.

  4. Avoid using uppercase variable names, as these may conflict with environment variables or reserved shell variables.

  5. Variable names should be descriptive and indicate the purpose of the variable. Avoid using generic names such as "a" or "var".

  6. Use all uppercase letters for constants, such as "MY_CONSTANT".

  7. Avoid using hyphens or dashes in variable names, as these can be interpreted as subtraction operators.

By following these guidelines, you can create clear and readable shell scripts that are easy to maintain and understand.

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