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bash: svn: command not found

By: Emiley J in Linux Tutorials on 2011-06-13  

If you get the error bash: svn: command not found, I take it that, linux is not your hardcore. Because this error is a beginner's question and could be easily resolved as below.

It only shows that your linux server does not have subversion installed. Depending on your type of linux you can use either of these commands to install subversion and therefore get rid of the above problem.

yum install subversion
apt-get install subversion

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Zaheer Abbas Aghanisays...

I am on windows an getting same error ?

$ svn co .

bash: svn: command not found


It seems like SVN is not installed on your Windows machine. To install SVN, you can follow these steps:

Download the latest version of SVN for Windows from the official website:

Run the installer and follow the instructions to install SVN on your machine.

After the installation is complete, open a new terminal window and try running the svn command again. It should work now.

Note that if you installed SVN with TortoiseSVN, you'll need to use the TortoiseSVN GUI to checkout the repository rather than the command line. To do this, navigate to the folder where you want to checkout the repository in Windows Explorer, right-click and select SVN Checkout..., then enter the URL of the repository and click OK.

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