How to use set, get basic and nested properties for Spring framework

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In this tutorial we are going to see how to use set, get basic and nested properties for spring frame work. set and get properties are done using the setPropertyValue(s) getPropertyValue(s) methods that both come with a couple of overloaded variants.

Examples of properties



name Indicates the property name corresponding to the methods getName() or isName() and setName() Indicates the nested property name of the property account corresponding e.g. to the methods getAccount().setName() or getAccount().getName()

account[2] Indicates the third element of the indexed property account. Indexed properties can be oftype array, list or other natural ordered collection

we can some examples of working with the BeanWrapper to get and set properties.

Consider the following two classes:

public class Company
private String name;
private Employee MD;
public String getName()
public void setName(String name)
{ = name;
public Employee getMD()
return this.MD;
public void setMD(Employee MD)
this.MD = MD;

public class Employee
private float salary;
public float getSalary()
return salary;
public void setSalary(float salary)
this.salary = salary;

Now we are going to see how to retrieve and manipulate some of the properties of
instantiated: Companies and Employees

Company c = new Company();
BeanWrapper bwComp = BeanWrapperImpl(c);

// setting the company name...
bwComp.setPropertyValue("name", "Company Inc.");

// we can also be done like this:
PropertyValue v = new PropertyValue("name", "Company Inc.");

// now we can create the director and tie it to the company:
Employee mathew = new Employee();
BeanWrapper bwmathew = BeanWrapperImpl(mathew);
bwJim.setPropertyValue("name", "mathew Hyden");
bwComp.setPropertyValue("MD", mathew);

// retrieving the salary of the MD through the company
Float salary = (Float)bwComp.getPropertyValue("MD.salary");

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