Struts-GUI and Struts Console

By: Lakshmi  

When the development begins, the struts-config.xml is always small and manageable. But as time passes and features are added, the file continues to grow to become a monster. Splitting the application into modules definitely helps, but modules can be relatively large too. There are better ways to mange the strutsconfig.xml than simply editing by hand or even an XML editor. Some of the
popular tools to manage struts-config.xml are described below.


Struts-GUI is a Visio Stencil from Alien Factory ( ). It lets you visually edit the struts config.xml as a Visio diagram and generate the xml file from it. One of the biggest challenges in maintaining the struts-config.xml is understanding the flow and tracking down what is going on. With Struts-GUI, you can follow the visually trace the actions, their forwards and the web pages they lead to. You can even trace action chaining. You can add documentation in the Visio diagram reducing the maintenance hurdle even further. Struts-GUI is a commercial tool.

Struts Console

Struts Console is a Swing based editor to manage the struts-config.xml from James Holmes ( ). It is not visually driven as Struts GUI, but very intuitive. It has tree like navigation to traverse the individual elements. It is much more flexible than Struts GUI in that it can be used to maintain customized struts-config.xml. Wizards and drop downs are provided to add individual elements, thus eliminating the chances of typo.

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