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7 Best Practices of Struts

By: Emiley J. in Struts Tutorials on 2008-08-13  

Here are 7 best practices for Struts:

  1. Use a clear and consistent naming convention for actions, forms, and resource files.
  2. Keep your code organized by using a logical directory structure and a consistent naming convention for files.
  3. Validate user input on the client-side and server-side using the built-in Struts validation framework.
  4. Use custom tags and templates to keep your JSP pages simple and maintainable.
  5. Minimize the amount of Java code in your JSP pages by using Struts tags and expressions.
  6. Implement security measures such as user authentication and authorization using Struts security features.
  7. Use Struts configuration files to set global settings and defaults and to manage mappings between actions, forms, and resources.

By following these best practices, you can ensure that your Struts application is well-organized, maintainable, and secure.

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