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Downloading and installing Struts

By: Gokul Verma in Struts Tutorials on 2007-04-04  

Struts is downloaded from the Jakarta Project at The download address for the current version - 6.1.2 - is The simplest way to install Struts is to copy a small Struts application, packed in "struts-blank.war", from the download file to your Servlet container. If you're using Tomcat and many other servlet containers you place the war-file in the "webapps" folder and you now only need to restart your server and you'll have "struts-blank" running. On Tomcat you can check your installation with this URL: http://localhost:8080/struts-blank/index.jsp. The download contains an "install" file which contains installation tips for several containers.

This should emphasize that Struts can be seen as the core of a normal servlet application - it's not a modification to your servlet container or anything like that.

While picking up the struts-blank application you might as well take and install the "struts-documentation.war" application, which contains a lot of Struts documentation - for example the User Guide.

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