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Although seemingly a trivial question, office 365 login page seems to be a very common question among office 365 customers, especially the new ones. This tutorial is just for those new users.

According to Microsoft, the official office 365 login page is http://portal.microsoftonline.com. This single login page is common for both administrators and normal users.

Once you login at http://portal.microsoftonline.com, you can view your homepage from where you can download your software based on which office 365 plan you purchased. For example, if you had bought the E3 plan which comes with Office pro plus, then you can download the exe files of Office Pro Plus to install Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc to your desktop. You can also goto your OWA access to view your email. You can reset your password etc..

Some customers find it hard to remember portal.microsoftonline.com. For those who cannot remember, you can also login to Office 365 from office365.com. Just goto office365.com and click on the 'Sign in' link on top right corner which will also take you to your Office 365.

If your organization has SSO enabled (using ADFS), then the login pages are still the same as above, only difference is that when you key in your email address, the password field will be blanked out and a new link at the bottom of the page will appear to bring you to your Active Directory login for your Organization.

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365 office login (office 365 login)

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