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Exception in module wampmanager.exe at 000F15A0 in Windows 8

By: Emiley J in PHP Tutorials on 2012-11-20  

You are probably trying to install WAMPServer in your windows machine. It could be Windows 7, Windows 8 or any other Windows machine. After you install WAMPserver and try to launch the WAMPServer you get this error: Exception in module wampmanager.exe at 000F15A0. This is because you are trying to run a 64bit version of WAMP server on a 32 bit Windows server or viceversa.

Solution:To resolve, just uninstall the WAMPServer that you installed and download the right version of WAMPServer that matches your Windows Operating System. In Windows 8 you can view your PC information by selecting 'Settings' and 'PCInfo'.

Additionally, note that the WAMPServer requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86).

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