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Convert number to string in python

By: Rajesh in Python Tutorials on 2012-04-07  

To convert, e.g., the number 144 to the string '144", use the built-in type constructor str(). If you want a hexadecimal or octal representation, use the built-in functions hex() or oct(). For fancy formatting, see the String Formatting section, e.g. "{:04d}".format(144) yields '0144' and "{:.3f}".format(1/3) yields '0.333'.

num = 42
str_num = str(num)
print(str_num) # Output: "42"

In this example, the str() function is used to convert the integer 42 to the string "42". The resulting string is stored in the str_num variable and printed to the console.

You can also use f-strings or the format() method to concatenate numbers and strings:

num = 42
str_num = f"The answer is {num}."
print(str_num) # Output: "The answer is 42." pi = 3.14159
str_pi = "The value of pi is {:.2f}.".format(pi)
print(str_pi) # Output: "The value of pi is 3.14."

In these examples, the f-string and format() methods are used to concatenate a number with a string. The :.2f format specifier is used to round the float pi to two decimal places in the second example.

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