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__call() in PHP

By: Rob in PHP Tutorials on 2011-10-29  

You can always call protected members using the __call() method - similar to how you hack around this in Ruby using send.

class Fun
protected function debug($message)
echo "DEBUG: $message\n";
public function yield_something($callback)
return $callback("Soemthing!!");
public function having_fun()
$self =& $this;
return $this->yield_something(function($data) use (&$self)
$self->debug("Doing stuff to the data");
// do something with $data
$self->debug("Finished doing stuff with the data.");
// Ah-Ha!
public function __call($method, $args = array())
if(is_callable(array($this, $method)))
return call_user_func_array(array($this, $method), $args);
$fun = new Fun();
echo $fun->having_fun();

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