Installing PHP with nginx-server under windows

By: Donald  

There is a way to install PHP with nginx-server under windows (current version is 0.7.60) 

Step-1 (install nginx server) 
Just extract in C:\nginx-0.7.60 

In C:\nginx-0.7.60\conf\nginx.conf uncomment and edit following lines 

        location ~ \.php$ { 
            root           html; 
            fastcgi_index  index.php; 
            fastcgi_param  SCRIPT_FILENAME  C:/nginx-0.7.60/html$fastcgi_script_name; #this is the one line for edition 
            include        fastcgi_params; 

and run C:\nginx-0.7.60\nginx.exe (the server is started) 

Step-2 (install PHP5) 
Just extract php in C:\PHP5 

Create (or modify) php.ini 

extension_dir="ext/" ;for extensions 

And run C:\PHP5\php-cgi.exe -b

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1. acupuhua
View Tutorial          By: acupuhua at 2017-08-09 04:21:18

2. avezino
View Tutorial          By: avezino at 2017-08-09 04:07:35

3. php-cgi.exe return popup "is not a valid Win32 application"
but is is the x86 versi

View Tutorial          By: noob at 2013-06-30 09:47:38

4. Wow! thank you! after an hour of frustration! this works like a charm thanks!
View Tutorial          By: vaultdweller123 at 2012-02-14 02:49:44

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