Password protect a web page using Javascript

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In the below code, "Password" is the password and "protected.html" is the name of the password-protected page. (Substitute your own password and URL when you use this script.) If visitors enter the correct password, they will forward to "protected.html"; if they enter an incorrect password, they'll hit the page called "oops.html." 

This shouldn't be used as a substitute for true security, but it isn't bad in a pinch. It works nicely for, say, an area of your site reserved for family members only. 

If you do use this code to protect a page or directory, you might want to keep search engines from listing it. Place this tag in the HEAD section of your protected page: 

<meta name="robots" contents="noindex"> 

Of course, it's possible for someone clever enough to get the password right from the source code. So you should somehow make the 'View Source' option impossible. You can do so by disabling Right click using Javascript.

<script language="Javascript">
var password = prompt("Enter in the password")
if (password == "Password") {
location = "protected.html"
else {
location = "oops.html"


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