Types of inheritence models in Hibernate

By: Emiley J.  

This tutorial discusses what are the types of inheritance models in Hibernate and describes how they work like vertical inheritance and horizontal.

There are three types of inheritance mapping in hibernate

1. Table per concrete class with unions

2. Table per class hierarchy

3. Table per subclass


Let us take the simple example of 3 java classes.

Class Manager and Worker are inherited from Employee Abstract class.

1. Table per concrete class with unions

In this case there will be 2 tables

Tables: Manager, Worker [all common attributes will be duplicated]

2. Table per class hierarchy

Single Table can be mapped to a class hierarchy

There will be only one table in database called 'Employee' that will represent all the attributes required for all 3 classes.

But it needs some discriminating column to differentiate between Manager and worker;

3. Table per subclass

In this case there will be 3 tables represent Employee, Manager and Worker


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1. Good explanation
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3. Simple, Sweet and StraightForward explanation. Thank You :)
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4. It is easy to understand by beginners .......good one
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5. Nice Explanation
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6. Very Nice and Concrete Explanation ..
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