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'import' and 'export' may only appear at the top level - React Native

By: Mary in React-Native Tutorials on 2023-04-17  

This error message usually occurs when an import or export statement is placed inside a block or a function, instead of being placed at the top level of a file.

In JavaScript modules, import and export statements can only appear at the top level of a file, not inside functions, loops, or conditionals. If you need to conditionally import a module or dynamically load a module, you can use a dynamic import statement.

Here is an example of how to use a dynamic import statement to conditionally load a module:

async function loadModule(condition) {
  if (condition) {
    const module = await import('./module.js');
    return module;
  } else {
    return null;

It could also mean that accidentally you removed a } or forgot to close a function. So double check your code for missing }.

Make sure that your import and export statements are placed at the top level of your file, outside of any functions, loops, or conditionals.

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