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Future of JSP

By: Oliver in JSP Tutorials on 2023-03-22  

JSP (JavaServer Pages) is still in use, although its popularity has decreased over the years with the rise of other technologies such as React, Angular, and Vue.js. However, JSP remains a viable option for developing web applications using Java.

JSP is a server-side technology that allows developers to create dynamic web pages using Java code. It has been widely used for developing enterprise-level web applications, and many organizations continue to use JSP as part of their technology stack.

That being said, JSP does have some limitations, including its tendency to produce code that is difficult to maintain, its lack of support for modern web development practices such as component-based architecture, and the fact that it requires a Java-based server to run.

In terms of its future, it's likely that JSP will continue to be used for legacy applications that were built using this technology. However, it's also possible that its usage will continue to decline in favor of newer, more modern web development technologies. That being said, as long as there are legacy applications that require maintenance, there will likely be a need for developers with JSP expertise.

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