Entity Bean

By: aathishankaran  

Entity bean is persistent object and represents an object view of data stored in permanent storage.

Entity beans can be of two types:

a) CMP (Entity Bean with Container Managed Persistence)  
b) BMP (Entity Bean with Bean Managed Persistence)

a)    CMP 

In CMP, we do not need to write any SQL related code for adding a new record, editing a record or deleting a record, or querying a table.  The EJB server itself automatically manages the creation of the table and appropriate SQL statements.  

b) BMP

However, if we want to have complex joining of data from number of tables and then provide persistence, we will have to write our own SQL.  Hence, the need for Bean managed Persistence.

1)    Message-Driven Beans 

Message Driven Bans do not have any interface.  They are just a Java class.

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