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Creating JSON objects using Java in AJAX

By: Emiley J. in Ajax Tutorials on 2009-01-17  

To build the JSON object programmatically in Java, you can keep it simple by just constructing a StringBuffer by appending the values or you can use the JSONObject provided by to construct the JSON object easily.

The simpler way to do using StringBuffer is as follows:

public String createJSON(int value){
StringBuffer rjson = new StringBuffer("\r\n{\"conversion\":{");
rjson.append("\r\n\"decimal\": \"" + Integer.toString(value)+"\",");
rjson.append("\r\n\"hexadecimal\": \"" + Integer.toString(value,16)+"\",");
rjson.append("\r\n\"Octal\": \"" + Integer.toString(value,8)+"\",");
rjson.append("\r\n\"Binary\": \"" + Integer.toString(value,2)+"\",");
return rjson.toString();

The alternate way to create the JSON object is to use the JSON library. Remember to download and put the latest json_simple-1.0.2.jar in your CLASSPATH

import org.json.simple.JSONObject;
JSONObject obj=new JSONObject();
obj.put("num",new Integer(100));
obj.put("balance",new Double(1000.21));
obj.put("is_vip",new Boolean(true));

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