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package.json vs package-lock.json in react-native project

By: Henry in node.js Tutorials on 2023-04-03  

Both package.json and package-lock.json files are used in Node.js and NPM (Node Package Manager) projects to manage dependencies and packages.

package.json is a JSON file that contains metadata about the project, such as the project's name, version, and dependencies. It lists all the packages required for the project and their respective versions. This file is manually created and maintained by the developer, and it should be committed to the project's version control system.

package-lock.json, on the other hand, is a JSON file that is automatically generated by NPM. It contains an exact, detailed version information of all the packages and their dependencies required for the project. It is used to ensure that every developer working on the project installs the same versions of the packages and dependencies, regardless of the versions they might have installed globally on their machine.

The package-lock.json file is generated by NPM when you run the npm install command, and it should also be committed to the project's version control system.

In summary, package.json is manually maintained by the developer and lists the required packages and their version ranges, while package-lock.json is automatically generated by NPM and contains the exact versions of the packages and their dependencies used in the project. Both files are important for managing dependencies and ensuring consistency across different machines and developers working on the same project.

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