Java Tutorials

11. How Java is orgranized?

By: Niraj : 2023-04-23

Description: Java has changed tremendously and included more features over the years. The first basic version of Java comprised of just six packages. A package is a collection of Java classes. Sun grouped six different packages with classes doing specific jobs. For example the '' package consists of all classes that do input output such as reading files, writing to files etc. where as the '' package consists of classes that do networking such as making a HTTP connection etc

12. java.lang.reflect package

By: Riktesh Srivastava : 2023-03-25

Description: Apart from all the classes and methods inside the java.lang package, java.lang package has a subpackage called java.lang.reflect subpackage.

13. Sending Email from Java application (using gmail)

By: Narayanan : 2023-03-23

Description: This example uses Gmail SMTP server to send an email. Make sure to replace [email protected] and your_email_password with your actual email and password respectively. Also, replace [email protected] with the email address of the recipient.

14. Java program to get location meta data from an image

By: Manoj : 2023-03-17

Description: Here is the Java program to get location metadata from an image using the metadata-extractor library in Java.

15. J2EE APIs

By: Margaret : 2023-02-22

Description: The Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) SDK is required to run the J2EE SDK and provides core APIs for writing J2EE components, core development tools, and the Java virtual machine. The J2EE SDK provides the following APIs to be used in J2EE applications.

16. URLConnection sample program in Java

By: Ivan Lim : 2022-09-15

Description: URLConnection is a general-purpose class for accessing the attributes of a remote resource. Once you make a connection to a remote server, you can use URLConnection to inspect the properties of the remote object before actually transporting it locally. These attributes are exposed by the HTTP protocol specification and, as such, only make sense for URL objects that are using the HTTP protocol. We'll examine the most useful elements of URLConnection here.

17. SequenceInputStream example program in Java

By: Reema sen : 2022-09-15

Description: The SequenceInputStream class allows you to concatenate multiple InputStreams. The construction of a SequenceInputStream is different from any other InputStream. A SequenceInputStream constructor uses either a pair of InputStreams or an Enumeration of InputStreams as its argument:

18. SimpleDateFormat sample program in Java

By: Norman Chap : 2022-09-15

Description: SimpleDateFormat is a concrete subclass of DateFormat. It allows you to define your own formatting patterns that are used to display date and time information. One of its constructors is shown here:

19. What is Reflection? - getConstructors(), getFields(), and getMethods()

By: Lakshmi : 2022-09-15

Description: Reflection is the ability of software to analyze itself. This is provided by the java.lang.reflect package and elements in Class. Reflection is an important capability, needed when using components called Java Beans. It allows you to analyze a software component and describe its capabilities dynamically, at run time rather than at compile time. For example, by using reflection, you can determine what methods, constructors, and fields a class supports.

20. AWT-based applications with a User Interface Window in Java

By: Kamini : 2022-09-15

Description: It is possible to create stand-alone AWT-based applications with a Window. To do this, simply create an instance of the window or windows you need inside main(). For example, the following program creates a frame window that responds to mouse clicks and keystrokes: