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11. Implementation of Perl

By: Boopathy : 2011-02-05

Description: Perl is implemented as a core interpreter, written in C, together with a large collection of modules, written in Perl and C. as of 2010, the stable version (5.12.3) is 14.2 MB when packaged in a tar file and gzip compressed. The interpreter is 150,000 lines of C code and compiles to a 1 MB executable on typical machine architectures. Alternatively, the interpreter can be compiled to a link library and embedded in other programs. There are nearly 500 modules in the distribution, comprising 200,000 lines of Perl and an additional 350,000 lines of C code. (Much of the C code in the modules consists of character-encoding tables.)

12. Perl for Windows

By: Boopathy : 2011-02-05

Description: Users of Microsoft Windows typically install one of the native binary distributions of Perl for Win32, most commonly Strawberry Perl or ActivePerl. Compiling Perl from source code under Windows is possible, but most installations lack the requisite C compiler and build tools. This also makes it difficult to install modules from the CPAN, particularly those that are partially written in C.

13. POST to URL from Perl Script

By: Emiley J : 2010-09-28

Description: This sample code in perl shows how to connect and POST data to any URL from a perl script.