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21. Show and hide links based on button click

By: Niraj : 2023-04-17

Description: Here is a code snippet that should show and hide the links based on the button clicked

22. async vs defer in JavaScript - When to use them?

By: Linda Ng : 2023-04-04

Description: Both async and defer are attributes that can be added to a script tag in HTML to control how the script is loaded and executed in the web page. Here are the differences between the two

23. Use WinSCP to transfer log files remotely using Javascript

By: Eskalin : 2012-10-24

Description: Normally winscp program is used to connect to a remote machine and transfer files. Recently I wanted to connect to my linux machine from a windows machine to download a file automatically everyday. The linux machine was generating daily log files and the name of the log file keeps changing as the current date. So i wrote this script to connect to that machine remotely and download the file every day by running the script in a scheduler.

24. Pause execution in JavaScript

By: Dave Reed : 2011-01-28

Description: This javascript pauses the execution for specifed numSeconds.

25. Verifying user input in JavaScript

By: Dave Reed : 2011-01-28

Description: This javascript library contains functions for verifying the contents of a text box. For each function the name of a text box is passed as input, along with any restrictions on the contents. If the contents of the box are not legal, a warning is displayed.

26. Javascript to display client date and time on webpage

By: [email protected] : 2009-12-26

Description: Use below code to display client date and time on web page.

27. Getting Browser's height and width using Javascript

By: Emiley J. : 2009-01-07

Description: Getting the Browser's height and width is quite useful in many circumstances. For example if you are using a google map in your site, you will have to set a height and width for the map object. But the problem is there are so many different types of browsers out there and you don't know which one the end user will be using. Another issue is the height and the width of different laptops and desktops available in the market.

28. Highlighting text on a page using CSS

By: Emiley J. : 2008-09-06

Description: With CSS you can highlight text on a page, making it look like you ran a yellow highlight marker over it. This is great for emphasizing important words or points.

29. Using revealTrans to do page transitions in Javascript

By: Guru Singh : 2008-09-05

Description: Here are some page transitions to amaze your visitors. In the code in this tutorial, the time it takes to transition is five seconds and the transition effect is #17. Below is a list of all available transition effects.

30. Scrolling message on the status bar using Javascript

By: Guru Singh : 2008-09-05

Description: If you are looking for a simple java script to show a scrolling message on the status bar then you can use this script.