11. Visual Basic .NET Vs Visual C# - (Differences)
By: Ram Babu : 2008-11-26
Description: If you are new to programming or if you are choosing to extend your programming skills to new languages, learning both Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# is a practical goal. This is especially true when you create Web applications, since most of the tasks are performed through the .NET Framework classes, which means Visual Basic .NET code and Visual C# code often look nearly identical.
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12. IIS and WAP. Configuring IIS to deliver WML (WAP content)
By: Paul Mayor : 2008-08-02
Description: Follow the steps given in this step by step tutorial to setup IIS to deliver WAP content.
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13. Getting started with ASP
By: Priya : 2008-08-02
Description: To start programming with ASP, you will need two things. The .Net Framework and the visual Web developer 2008. Fortunately both of them are available free for download from microsoft website http://www.asp.net/downloads/essential/ .
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14. ActiveX component can't create object: 'CDONTS.NewMail' - ASP
By: Emiley J. : 2008-04-08
Description: Normally this happens when you are trying to send email from your asp page using CDONTS but your system doesn't have the cdonts.dll file.
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