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This page consists of free java sample code. All of them are developed by the author.

You are welcome to use these program codes in any of your projects. When I first laid my hands on Java, there were not many sites for free code. Now probably there are quite a number. 

However, finding the exact program that you want is always a problem. All of the programs has been used in different projects that I have done. In order to make your search easier, I will try to group them under different categories.

Though I have tested these programs at various times in various environments, if you find anything that doesn't work please do not blame me. Coz its free ;)

However, If you need to contact me for any queries you can do so here

1. GET any URL using SOCKET connection from a JAVA Program

2. This JAVA sample program shows how to POST to an HTTPS (SSL) website

3. Send email from a Java Program - Free java sample program

4. Read a File and replace a String from Java Program

5. Connect to MySQL database from Java Program

6. GET any URL from a Java Program

7. Find WHOIS information of any domain from a Java program

8. A Free Calculator application written in JAVA

9. ZIP files in a folder using Java Program

10. A Free Java Application for sending SMS using Java and GSM Modem connected to your PC COM port


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